This is topshelf Canada

Our goal is to show the global marketplace that OUR country can produce world-class premium products that can hang with the imported titans of the condiment aisle.

A bartender for the better part of 20 years, Joshua Lines has turned his time in the food service industry into a unique skill set.
Joshua developed skills and competencies from his time spent in the Operations department for Tim Hortons head office, and he gained valuable leadership qualities guiding teams for Enigma Research, gathering and analyzing market research collected at major events.

A complement to Lines’ entrepreneurial spirit and his childhood best friend; Wayne Blythe, had become a top-tier culinary scientist and developer. The duo imagined this distinctive condiment taste 30 years after meeting on the school bus!!

Another key contributor is Adina Melanson. Friends and bartending co-workers for 18 years, the pandemic forced the now couple from the service industry, and they promptly went to work full-time at the business. Adina proved to be the missing piece! Her artistic eye and flare helped elevate Top Shelf Canada’s marketing game, label designs, social media presence and sales.

Our Guiding principles

Our range of premium hot sauces caters to all preferences, from mild and flavourful to fiery and intense.

Quality & Flavour

We believe that the best hot sauces start with high-quality ingredients and a commitment to crafting bold and complex flavours.

Sustainability and Community

We strive to create a sustainable business that supports our local community and minimizes our impact on the environment.

Passion & Creativity

We approach hot sauce making with a sense of adventure and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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