OUR story

Top Shelf Canada is a believer in community over competition. That a fellowship of strong Canadian products shared with each other and with the rest of the world is what will carry our country’s fortunes for future generations. After the pandemic hit, eyes should be opening to the importance of self-reliance as a nation. Our dependence on imported goods can be lightened, while we can create, produce and dream up ways to make our own superior products and market those within and on a worldwide stage. 


The time is right for this. The idea that "We CAN do us" and create quality consumer products that disrupt the condiment market and give us viable alternatives to our reliance on imported products, is more relevant than it ever has been. Now forced to look at how dependent we want to be on other countries in an unstable and unpredictable world landscape, Canada should look at this as a welcomed challenge and opportunity to grow. It is time to grow our production sector and help support the companies that want to lead the charge. Top Shelf Canada wants to be one of those companies. Top Shelf Canada would also like to help promote and support other Canadian companies that are producing quality products that Canada may not have previously had much of a hand in....like hot sauce.