• 1 oz Canadian vodka
    1/3 oz Front Street Fire
    5 oz Clam cocktail juice
    3 shakes Worcestershire
    Salt & pepper, to taste



1) Grab your favourite 10-12 oz cocktail glass
2) Wet the top of glass with lime juice and dip in celery
                salt (or preferred spice blend)
3) Fill the glass to the top with ice
4) Add 1 oz of Canadian vodka
5) Add ½ oz Front Street Heat (mild) or
              Front Street Fire (hot)
6) Add 3 shakes of Worcestershire sauce
7) Add salt & pepper, to taste
8) Pour 5 oz clam cocktail juice over the top to let
                everything mix well
9) Garnish with some of the classics such as celery,
              dill pickle and lime. Or if you’re feeling more
              adventurous you can try a pepperette, pickled
              asparagus or a spicy pickled bean.

Made with

Front Street FIRE (Medium)

Front Street fire With the same premium build and balanced taste we love with Front Street Heat, we’ve just taken what you already loved, and set it on FIRE with this medium heat version of Canada’s Premium Hot Sauce.

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