Top Shelf Canada

Hot Sauce Trilogy by Top Shelf Canada - Front Street Heat - Fire - Inferno

$32.00 CAD $39.00 CAD

Front Street Heat, Front Street Fire and Front Street Inferno are versatile premium Canadian hot sauces. These utility condiments add pleasant heat and beautifully balanced complexity to endless pairings. Roasted red peppers are artfully combined with a hot pepper blend, garlic, lime juice, maple syrup and a combination of herbs and spices to provide a great flavour forward experience. These hot sauces are full of smoky complexity and a respectful kick of heat. The textures are left thick with ingredient particles on display throughout, showcasing their premium builds. 

  • Made in Canada
  • Size: 296 mL (double the size of average hot sauce bottles) & 148mL
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan (Inferno)
  • Spice levels: HEAT (mild) - FIRE (med) - Inferno (hot)

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