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FRONT STREET HEAT & FRONT STREET FIRE COME TOGETHER to give your fridge an option for everyone!

A Multi-Use Culinary companion!!

A New Canadian Condiment

Flavour Enhancing Ingredient

Secret Ingredient for BBQ Sauces and Marinates

NEXT level caesars (All-Canadian caesar)

Front Street Heat and Front Street Fire are versatile Canadian hot sauce / utility condiments that add pleasant heat and beautifully balanced complexity to endless pairings. Roasted red peppers are artfully combined with a hot pepper blend, garlic, lime juice, and kissed with a combination of herbs and spices to provide a great flavour impact, full of smoky complexity and a respectful kick of heat. The texture is left thick with ingredient particles on display throughout the sauce showcasing its premium build. 

  • Made in Canada
  • Texture: Thick (not your average vinegar-based hot sauce)
  • Size: 296 mL (double the size of average hot sauce bottles)
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Spice level: HEAT (Mild) and FIRE (Hot)
  • Flavour level: Off the Charts
  • Pairs with: Everything
  • Ingredients: roasted red peppers, habanero, chipotle, jalapeño, tomato, lime juice, honey, garlic, lime juice, herbs, spices

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