Hello Spicy Friends!!

What a time to be a human. *Deep breath* I’d first like to applaud you all for persevering through unprecedented challenges and hardship. Canadians are resilient, kind and have so much to take pride in. Top Shelf Canada has also pushed through and thrived in the worst of times, mirroring the qualities that make Canadians strong and unique.

Front Street Heat was joined by its BRAND-NEW spicier counterpart Front Street FIRE, and people are RAVING about the balanced and beautiful premium build of the original, being met with more kick! Front Street Heat being very MILD, needed something with a bit more burn for some of our spicy friends.

What could be better than a new product arriving to excite our tastebuds? That new product WINNING MULTIPLE AWARDS upon release!! Front Street Fire represented OUR beautiful country at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo and won 3rd Place in the Hot division of the Pepper Blend category! It also took home 2nd Place in Ottawa at the YOW! Awards in the Medium division, while the OG Front Street Heat grabbed another 1st Place trophy in the Mild division. Talk about rookie of the year! Front Street Fire has come out…..well….on FIRE!! 🔥🔥🔥😊

I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for your support to this point, and am hopeful that the word continues to spread and the Canadian FlavOUR movement continues to grow. Tell a friend. Tag a photo (@topshelfcanada). Sauce the North. 🍁🙏

Kind Regards,

Joshua Lines, CEO

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